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We work with some of the best companies in the world to help deliver you the perfect system. Below are some of companies that we have relationships with.

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  • Alphason Designs

    Alphason have been a leading designer of home audio visual furniture for over 25 years, continually delivering a huge range of great looking, functional and superb value stands to perfectly match the latest technology.

  • Anthony Gallo

    We love Anthony Gallo speakers! Their unique design and quality make them stand out from most of the other speaker companies around, and they manage to get a level of sound that you’d have no right to expect from such small speakers. Match a pair of their small sphere speakers with one of their excellent subwoofers, close your eyes and you’d never know you were listening to a speaker that can fit in the palm of your hand!

  • Blustream

  • Canton

    Canton are a German loud speaker manufacturer founded in 1972 who make some fantastic sounding audio products with the build quality you would expect from a high quality German manufacturer.

    Traditionally Canton have made a wide range of high grade loudspeakers, from affordable traditional speakers, in ceiling speakers and surround sound packs right up to high end reference models costing thousands of pounds. Recently the company has made a very successful move into ‘audio products’ including a great new range of award winning sound plinths that your TV can stand on. We have installed a lot of these sound bases and our customers love them.

  • Dimplex

    With around 60 years of experience in the home heating market Dimplex have firmly established themselves as market leaders, with a reputation for innovative design and build quality.

    Their latest product range is the incredible Opti-myst system of electric fires. Opti-myst uses a small refillable water reservoir in the fire to create a mist that rises from the fire, creating what we think is the most realistic flame effect you can get from an electric fire, it really needs to be seen so come in to our Billingshurst showroom and see for yourself.

  • DLS Sweden

    DLS are a Swedish speaker company that have been designing and manufacturing high quality speakers since the 1980s. They specialise in a ‘flat box’ speaker design, that can be hung on walls and yet still deliver a great sound.

    They have several different sized speaker options to fit just about any room and use.

  • Epson

    Epson are a world leader in projection technology and make some of the best home cinema projectors on the market. If you are after a super sized screen you still can’t beat projection, and it is still by far and away the most cost effective way of getting that cinema feeling at home.

    We install Epson Home Cinema Projectors across most of Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire as part of our complete installation service package. We can design a home cinema package around your requirements, just get in touch.

  • Flexson

    Flexson make a range of innovative products to complement the Sonos range including wall brackets, speaker stands and the new range of ColourPlay skins for brightening up your Sonos products.

  • HDanywhere

    HDanywhere are British based specialists in high definition signal distribution, basically if you have a device such as Sky+HD, Virgin or Apple TV and you want to share it with several TVs without compromising the picture quality then HDanywhere make a box for you!

  • Humax

    Humax make a great range of Freesat and Freeview hard drive recorders. Their new Freeview Play recorders have a great range of catch up TV services.

  • Just Racks

    Just-Racks are the more affordable sister company of Spectral, who make mainly closed design German built AV furniture. Whereas Spectral offer thousands of colours in hundreds of finishes, Just-Racks simplify your choices offering a limited range, mainly in black or white and but still finished to a really high standard

  • Kef

    British speaker company Kef have been at the cutting edge of the audio market for over 50 years delivering some of the most well regarded speakers in every category they compete in. Whilst very little manufacturing is done in the UK now most of the design is still undertaken here.

Showing 1 - 12 of 32 items