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There is nothing quite like having your own cinema set up at home, being able to enjoy blockbusters any time, no over priced food and drink, being able to pause the film if you want a cup of tea and if anyone is talking, kicking your chair or eating too loudly at least they are family or friends!

Cinema rooms and systems can come in all shapes and sizes, they can be based around a big television screen, a projector, be a dedicated room or a multi purpose room. You can have full surround sound, with big speakers all around the room, hidden on wall, in wall or in ceiling speakers or have a virtual surround sound system from a soundbar. 

Big Screen, Small Room
A lot of people think that they need a big room for a home cinema, which with modern projectors being able to project a high quality image from a relatively close distance isn't the case any more, most rooms can be turned into a home cinema. In fact the demo room in our Sussex showroom is only about 3m by 4m and houses a projector, a 92" screen and surround sound set up quite easily!

And if you don't have a spare room, attic or garage that can be turned over to a dedicated cinema room, using a drop down electric projector screen and discreet speakers mean that a living room, office or games room can easily double up as a great home cinema.

Epson Laser Home Cinema Projector Installed In Sussex

The value of projection
Whilst TVs are getting bigger, and we do a fair few cinema rooms using just a large TV now, if you are looking at the super sizes in TV you are still looking at a lot of money. At the time of writing this one of the largest TVs made for the residential market is the Sony 100" ZD9 television which will set you back around £60,000, not including a surround sound system or installation. You could get a great Epson or Sony home cinema projector, a screen, a sound system and a control system installed for less than half of that meaning that projection gives you much better value. There are a lot of different projectors and sound systems available meaning we can put packages together starting from under £5,000 up to reference grade cinemas depending on your needs and budgets.

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It's Not All About The Picture 

It has been said that half of a movie is in the sound, and we completely agree. Having a great sounding and immersive set up can transform the thing you are watching, putting you into the middle of the action and bringing a film or tv show to life. 
When you watch the classic scene from Jurassic Park where the water is rippling with every thud of the T-Rex getting closer you want a deep realistic sound, not a tinny ping from the distance. Watching films like The Greatest Showman or Bohemian Rhapsody can be a completely different experience depending on the sound system you are listening to it on. 

When we are initially talking to most clients they have thought about the picture, but very rarely given any serious thought to the sound which is just as important and should be given equal consideration. 

One thing that puts people off installing a good sound system is the thought of loads of large boxes sitting around the room, but these days that doesn't have to be the case. Of course you can still have traditional speakers, but there are loads of alternatives including speakers that look like pictures and even speakers we can hide in the wall or ceiling.

Home Cinema and Television Room Installation In Sussex


Home Cinema Rooms and Installations in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire