CCTV, Door Entry and Security

Networked Security Cameras

Security is important to all of us, be it for our home or for our business, and a key component of that is CCTV.

Studies have shown that having a visible high quality security camera system installed works as a good deterrent to opportunistic burglars who are looking for the easiest houses to break in to, and if you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of crime having high grade video and pictures to hand over to the police can be a great help in identifying the perpetrators and provide vital evidence in court.

There are huge ranges in the quality of cameras available, from systems that deliver blurred, out of focus and pretty much useless pictures (think most crime watch pictures!), to high quality systems that record in 1080P Full HD, and we are now even beginning to see 4K cameras coming on to the market.

If you invest in an internet connected IP based camera system you can log into your system anywhere in the world that you can get a good network speed to keep an eye on your property, with some systems being able to send you messages if motion is detected.

A comparison between an old analogue CCTV system and new HD IP based networked camera system installed in our Sussex showroom

Some of our systems are available with a local hard drive recorder so you have a copy of your recordings in your home or business, ideal for critical uses where your internet may cut out, whereas some others have cloud based recording solutions that you pay a monthly subscription for.

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Smart Doorbells and Door Entry

We are seeing a huge increase in enquiries from our clients about smart doorbells, which allow you to see who is at your door and even talk to them on your phone or tablet from anywhere you have a good internet connection.

Ring Smart Doorbell installed by Aurac on property in Hampshire

If you receive a delivery when you are not in you can tell the delivery driver where to leave your package rather than them go away with it. You can see who is at the door before you open it, and a lot of break ins start with a ring of the doorbell to see if anyone is home, having a smart doorbell can give the impression you are home even if you are on the other side of the world.

Smart doorbells can also be integrated into door or gate entry systems.

View from Ring Doorbell

CCTV, Door Entry and Installations from Aurac Sound + Vision, Billingshurst

Whilst we don’t install and maintain complete security or alarm systems ourselves due to the monitoring aspect that most home and business insurers require, we do work with security companies that can supply, install, maintain and monitor complete security and fire systems for you.

We can also link your IP camera system to your control system, meaning as well as controlling your audio visual equipment, you can also view your CCTV and control PTZ cameras from your remotes, smart phones and tablets.

Camera viewed and controlled by your smart home control system